Scheduled Quests

Quest XP
Participate in Spring Musical (only singers, pit, and audio) 250
Take Private Lessons for 1 year 200
Audition for Regionals 100
Audition for All State 200
Make Honor Roll for marking period (4 per year) 50
Stay after with Mr Wolf for Extra Help 20
See a Live Performance, do a writeup* 10-50
Music Research Paper* 200
Participate in outside Performance Ensemble* 50-250
Large Project* 100-500
Quest XP
Member of Vocal Ensemble for 1 year 250
Member of Jazz Band for 1 year 250
Member of Drumline for 1 year 250
Member of Half Past 2 for 1 year 250
Participation in a major performance (3 per year) 250
Solo Act @ Cabaret 150
Take Music Technology 1 150
Take Music Technology 2 150
Take Music Appreciation 150
Take Piano Class 150

* Must be approved by Mr Wolf ahead of time.

Individual Quests

Music Theory Adventure Dictation Expedition Sight Singing Crusade
Learn note and rhythm reading, chord analysis, form, structure. Learn to interpret music by ear and write it down. Learn to sight read and perform music directly from the page.
Basic Quest – 150 XP Basic Quest – 150 XP Basic Quest – 150 XP
Elite Quest – 250 XP Elite Quest – 250 XP Elite Quest – 250 XP

Quests for your section and for your individual instrument will be found at the following pages. More on this coming soon…

Jazz Rhythm Section
Orchestral Strings

Note: you may go on quests for as many different sections as you’d like, as playing more instruments makes for a more well-rounded musician. However, you must pick one instrument as your primary to go on the “Individual Instrument Quests.” If you would like to change your primary instrument you may do so, but you will lose the points you made on those quests with your original instrument.