The Musician’s Path


Join the race to be most accomplished musician around!

Play in ensembles, take classes and go on quests to learn new skills to gain experience points and level up. Work as a team with the rest of the music department to achieve group goals. Music class is now an RPG!

Experience Points Level Title
0-249 M-1 Rookie
250-999 M-2 Novice
1000-1999 M-3 Amateur
2000-2999 M-4 Freelancer
3000-3999 M-5 Understudy
4000-5999 M-6 Musician
6000-8999 M-7 Veteran Musician
9000-12999 M-8 Expert Musician
13000-17999 M-9 Master Musician
18000+ M-10 Virtuoso

Check the Leaderboard page to see your Level and XP. You can find a breakdown of your specific XP at the google spreadsheet HERE.

Info on specific Quests to gain more XP will be coming soon!