Classes Offered

Vocal Ensemble

This is a performance based class year long course, meaning that attendance for choir concerts is mandatory. The course addresses music fundamentals such as singing, singing in harmony, being part of an ensemble, reading music, and ear training. There is no prerequisite experience required. Repertoire that the choir sings is subject to change each semester. (Full year – 1 credit)

Drumline/Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is one of the instrumental music offerings here at GPA. It is an auditioned performing ensemble focused on percussion techniques and performance. The repertoire will include a wide variety of percussion music, ranging from marching drumline to African drumming. Students will be assigned to a section of the drumline and rehearsals will take place in sectionals as well as a full ensemble setting. Individual practice is expected between rehearsals, so ensemble time can be centered on ensemble rehearsal and new skill development. This is a performance-based course, meaning that attendance for all performances is mandatory. Expect to have approximately 2 or 3 performances per semester. (Full year – 1 credit)

Jazz Band

This is an audition-only after-school instrumental ensemble that plays in the “jazz combo” form. Styles range from traditional swing and latin to funk and fusion, with a heavy focus on “standards.” In addition to auditioning, members are required to take private lessons on their jazz band instrument (either with a private teacher or Mr. Wolf). Individual practice is expected between rehearsals, so ensemble time can be centered around ensemble skills, improvisation, and application of music theory in a live ensemble setting. Members of the jazz band are required to be present for all after-school performances, of which there are many. Expect to have a “gig” once or twice a month in addition to Friday afternoon rehearsals from 2:30 to 4:30. (this is not currently a credited class)

Music Tech 1

This course explores the fundamentals of audio engineering through increasingly complex projects in various pieces of Digital Audio Workstation software. Through composition, creation of hip hop beats, running recording sessions, and completing post-production work, students will be able to create unique musical works and describe music and music production in a deeper way. This is a highly project based class, with expectations and grading aligning with industry standards. (Half year – 0.5 credits)

Music Tech 2

This course starts with the fundamentals from Music Tech 1 and delves deeper into the world of audio engineering. This course will focus around highly complex individual projects that will require significant time outside class to complete. Topics covered will include mic placement in studio and live sound environments, signal chain analysis, gain staging, post-production effects, and industry practice for live sound gigs. The goal of this course is for student to leave with an understanding of what it takes to be an audio engineer. PREREQUISITES: Music Tech 1. (Half year – 0.5 credits)


This is an introductory course into the skills and techniques of the piano and reading music. The class utilizes the MCC piano lab and allows students to progress at their pace. No previous piano playing experience required. (Half year – 0.5 credits)

Music Appreciation

This music appreciation course focuses on expanding students’ horizons with regard to the question, “What is Music?”. Covering a wide range of topics from film music and classical to video game music and many more, students will complete listening recognition assignments, take assessments to develop music literacy, and work on individual research to lead to more mature appreciation of music in our modern society. (Half year – 0.5 credits)